Summer camp

January 2020

God is amazing and provides in the most unexpected ways. Last January I was supposed to travel to Argentina to help with summer camps for ten days, however on the day I was supposed to travel I realized I didn’t have my passport. After a very stressful and disappointing day I was holding tickets to travel to Argentina that may and a travel voucher. Fast forward to November and I was using that travel voucher to buy my ticket for this January to finally get to be in at PDV (Word of Life Argentina) for summer camps.

It was an absolute whirlwind of a trip, I arrived on new years day and was able to spend a couple of days with some dear friends at my local church in Laferrere, Buenos Aires. On the 4th my close friend and boss Marcelo picked me up and we returned to Monte to begin our work. I spent the following days pouring over the lights that had been set up over December, I won’t bore you with the details but it was a TON of work. As the students and volunteer staff started to arrive I had others to help me which was a big blessing and also an opportunity to teach them and learn from them.

“Vestuario” is the name we use for the area of Gospel Productions, and I don’t know of a place I would rather be than right there in our little workshop getting ready for camp. The fans are on, the tereré (and herbal drink served with water or fruit juice and ice) is cold and we are thrilled to be there. As the summer season goes by the group truly becomes a family as they work together sometimes 12 or 16 hours a day. While many of the group was rehearsing and learning the choreography for the program on opening night, I was working with a couple other young men to try and make these lights work.

Morning Chapel with the speaker of the week.

Monday night rolled around and everything was plugged in and I finally had control of all of our fixtures. The opening night was underway, campers cheered as the team did their choreography with their spins and flips. They sang, testimonies were shared and finally the Gospel was presented. For many campers it was the first time that they had heard the Gospel, and many of them chose to accept the gift of Salvation! What a thrill to be part of it!

The rest of the week I spent catching up on some administrative work to help Marcelo, and we worked on the other programs for summer camp. Thursday night is Missions night, this year we talked about Africa and the ministries there. We had a presentation involving all sorts of puppet animals many songs challenging campers and staff alike to consider their part in missions. We also showed videos of missionaries that are currently serving in Africa with Word of Life and their testimonies. To wrap up the night there was a message brought to challenge the audience to consider offering their lives to God to use in ministry whatever that may be.

Unfortunately I had to travel back to the US Thursday night and couldn’t be there for the program but I got a mini missions night in the airport; I ended up traveling with another friend who is moving with his family from Argentina to Florida where they will be serving with an international church working with the immigrant population there. A few of his friends came to see him off and we got to share a really special time together talking about the ministry and what the future might hold.

Airplanes are always a lot of fun because you’ll never know what might be waiting for you. I love sharing what I do with people traveling on the plane with me because nobody understands it. Who would want to spend their college vacation working? But it’s an awesome opportunity to explain why and what I do, which sometimes will lead to an opportunity to share the Gospel. Also I am 98% percent sure I sat across from Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz on my flight back to NJ. But I didn’t ask him… hindsight says I definitely should have but hey, you live and learn.

To wrap it up, I want to thank all of you for praying for me on this trip and at school, and for those who have been so generous to support me on these trips as well. You are all such a blessing, THANK YOU!

To find out more about my upcoming plans check here.

4 thoughts on “Summer camp

  1. So nice to hear your passion in ministry! Planting seeds of truth, watering, but it is the Lord Who gives the “Increase”. God bless you, Son.


  2. You have a way with words, my friend! May God always keep your passion for Him and serving Him this beautiful! I enjoyed every word!!! Keep it up! Bendiciones! Siempre orando por vos!


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