Now What?

Three months ago I was in my room in Lynchburg, VA reading the email that I had been waiting for. Campus was shutting down and classes were moving online which meant that work study positions would also be let go. This prompted a question in my mind, “now what?” this certainly was not the plan I had for my last semester at university.

Now three months later I can look back and I see two words clear as day: JEHOVA JIREH. The Lord will provide. Thousands of years ago Abraham and Isaac were climbing a mountain and Isaac asked a similar question, “now what” they had brought wood and fire but they were missing something very important for the sacrifice, a lamb. Abraham simply stated that God would provide the lamb. Jehova Jireh. And He did! He did then and He did now.

The same day I received that email, I received a two job offers from the two Walmarts near my parents house. So the next step was laid out. I returned home and, as some of you know, the next day on my way home from my first day at work I went off the road in a snowstorm and hit a telephone pole. Again, “now what” popped into my mind, but God took care of everything, my insurance paid for every cent of the repairs and the car has never looked better.

The semester at Liberty ended the first week of May, but I still had two Gen-Eds that I had to take care of to finish off my degree. I was looking around to see where I was going to do them when a friend posted a link about an online program that was offering free courses during these months due to the pandemic. This week I completely finished my degree without having to pay anything!

When I came back to the states in 2018 I thought it was crazy to think about finishing in two years but with God’s help it happened. Another crazy dream I had was to finish without any debt, which is increasingly more difficult in higher education. Today I submitted a final payment on my student loan, paying off the balance and I am now completely debt free.

All I can say is Jehovah Jireh.

I am so thankful for so many people that God used to help me get here, and I am excited to see how God helps me in this next “now what.”

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