It’s Official

Confirmation of completion of my degree through Liberty.

Class of 2020

On Friday I was video calling with some friends in Argentina when I received an email confirming my degree conferral, Praise the Lord. It’s nice to get a little bit of closure on this stage in my life as it roles into the next!

I’ve mentioned it before but it’s still amazing for me to see how God has provided and guided me through these past two years to bring me to this point and I am nothing but grateful to Him for it.

All In

Now I move onto the next step. I’m sure many are familiar with the story of Hernando Cortes when he arrived to Mexico with his army. Upon their arrival to the Mexican shore, Cortes sent a few men back to the ships and the entire army watched from the shore as those men lit torches and burned down their ships, they had no option but to push forward to victory, there was no way back.

This next step is a ship burning phase for me, last Wednesday was my final day of work (a job that I am very grateful for). Now it’s only forward into this next step until finally returning to Argentina.

I am currently in Florida with Word of Life for the Missionary in Training to program for some training and a series of interviews with missionaries and the Board of Directors. After this week I will be returning to Maine and into full-time support raising. I am praying for open doors (and borders) to be able to return to Argentina fully supported by this fall.

I have burned my ships, there is no way back now except to go forward with everything I can. I have my Ebenezers that I can look back on and see how God has been faithful until now and I am confident that he can take me through this next step.

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