What does our ministry look like in 2020?

By now you may or may not have realized that a lot (all) of what we as Gospel Productions do in Argentina either involves traveling teams or events held on campus. So the question is what has that looked like this year since neither of those things could happen?

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

This year we (Word of Life Argentina) could not have any students on campus, therefore, we could not have any student ministries, nor could we travel without special permission from the government to travel.

Needless to say this disrupted our plans for this year completely. But even as all of our normal doors closed to us God was opening up new opportunities to minister and share His message!

In April the Bible Institute began fully online. As the year progressed we began to develop new programs to reach out to different demographics.


“Charlemos” or “Let’s talk” was a program directed towards students, alumni, and other adult audiences. It brought many guests that shared their testimonies and then discussed different issues relevant to today’s audience.

Reencuentros de Comunidad Joven

“Comunidad Joven” or “Young People’s Community” is a Word of Life ministry for college and career aged young people. These “Reencuentros” (reunions) brought a variety of things to the audience, sharing music, recipes and home tips for quarantine, and a message from the Word. Designed to encourage and involve the young people viewing the program these reunions took place once a month.

Buen Axis

Designed as a tool for Bible Clubs in the local churches, “Buen Axis” involved games, ice-breakers, concerts, and a devotional. These were also done once a month.


This year we had an opportunity for many virtual conferences. Individuals and church groups could view these programs and enjoy the teaching from guest speakers, concerts, and encouragement to continue to grow in thier faith. We hosted a Men’s Conference, a Women’s Conference, and a Missions Conference at the end of the year.

Campa Sudamerica

The South American Camp was a joint effort including the teams of Word of Life Argentina, Word of Life Ecuador, and Word of Life Chile. With campers joining from all of South America and Central America there were around 1,200 people connected for the meetings that were streamed over YouTube.

The campers were able to participate as part of a virtual cabin, having a devotional time in a group call with their counselor and other cabin-mates. After the morning meeting they had a time called the “Apologetics Café” where the students had the opportunity to ask questions on how to defend their faith and answer some of the difficult questions we face today. Joining us for this portion of the camp were representatives from RZIM in Spain. We also had concerts every evening including the Peruvian group TWICE, and our own music team.

What does it look like?

Our team in Argentina put in countless hours rehearsing and recording to bring the best material we could offer.

For me, it has been many hours in front of a screen at my desk in Maine, designing and programming. Working together with the team in Argentina we were able to adjust the programs and run them for the recordings.

We have spent a lot of hours in video calls, throwing ideas back and forth and writing up scripts and guides for these programs.

Through all of this effort though, it is clear that it has all been worth it. We have received feedback from all over the world thanking the team for the encouragement and the resources. We have seen many come to Salvation and many more continuing to grow and seek the Lord.

We thank God for these opportunities and the tools to be able to adapt to the circumstances and bring new resources to believers around the globe.

Thank you for your prayers, please continue to pray for new opportunities and the outreach in Argentina and around the world.

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