About the Show Infanitl

For more than 20 years the Show Infantil has been traveling around Argentina and the neighboring countries bringing the hope of the Gospel to thousands of children and families.

Who we are

The Show Infantil is made up of around 40 students from around the world.

Every year students from the Bible Institute are given the opportunity to choose a ministry. Some will go to serve in local churches, others will remain on campus as part of a support team that goes out to do evangelistic activities, and others participate in one of our traveling evangelistic groups: the Show Infantil or Renacidos.

I and my fellow missionaries in the Gospel Productions area have the privilege and the responsibility to care for the physical and spiritual well being of these students throughout the school year at the BI creating relationships both short-term and long term with them.

From August through November we spend around 10 days every month traveling together, doing three or four presentations a day, eating, and sleeping together. We become a very close-knit family, obviously with all of the conflicts and difficulties that can come with being so close to others for long periods of time. However, the Show is something special in that we have a common goal which is to bring the Gospel to families and children all over Argentina and beyond.

What we do

Using the power of art and story we bring the Gospel to people of all ages and stations of life.

Every year we have around 100 presentations of the Show Infantil in several different provinces of Argentina and in the neighboring countries. We coordinate closely with the local churches for locations and times and following the presentations we leave contact information of those that expressed interest or those that made decisions for Christ. Through these means we can continue to see fruit long after we have physically left a place.

Every two years we change our story though the essence remains the same throughout the years. We use clear allegorical stories that are easy to draw Gospel parallels from. Following the presentation of the story, our director or someone else on the team will enter and share the Gospel tying together the story they just saw and the truth from the scriptures. After the Gospel presentation the students go out and share one on one with those in attendance.

”Go into all the world.”

We had finished our function, the students were out mixing with the crowd and sharing one-on-one with the audience. I was hoping to get a head start on tearing down as I knew we had to get ready to travel to our next function that evening. As I started to disconnect the cables and put away our equipment someone approached me and asked if there was someone that could speak with a family which was seated towards the back of the crowd.

None of the students looked like they were free so I asked one of the folks from the local church to watch the equipment and I went up to speak with this family. I walked up to them, kind of surprised because the family was older, there were five all together. The youngest was probably 19 or 20. I spoke to them about the story and began to the correlations to the Gospel. As we worked through the Gospel I noticed that the father was quiet while the children and mother were offering answers to questions that I made to them.

I began to direct questions to the Father and as we drew to a conclusion I asked him if he knew Christ as his savior to which he responded no, I followed up by asking about his eternal destination and he responded that he was heading to hell. I was getting excited at this point because I could tell that it was all making sense for him. I asked him what he was going to do with the gift of salvation that God was offering to him. He responded that he was ready to accept it. I prayed with him and then with the family and talked afterwards about the next steps and what to do now, and then I returned to my equipment to pack up.

I didn’t really think about it too much afterward, I was thankful that God had allowed me to be involved in that man’s decision but was more focused on what was at hand, our next presentation. A day or two went by and the pastor of the church approached me and mentioned the man to me, he said that that family had been bringing him to church for years, that he had heard the Gospel countless times but never seemed to understand or to see it’s relevance to him. That family had been praying for years for his salvation, I remember when we finished praying the tears in his wife’s eyes and I understood then what it meant to that family.

I understood something else that day. I understood the power of a story. It is a powerful tool with which to convey the most powerful truth: the saving love of our Father. I have seen how God uses this ministry and the stories that it tells to reach many with the Gospel, and I am thankful for every opportunity He gives me to participate in His work.

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