Get involved!

I’m looking to build a team that will take part in the ministry as senders.

Pray for me and the ministry in Argentina.

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Become part of my team of financial supporters.

I will be responsible to raise my support for on field expenses, so I need you to stand with me and help bring the gospel to the people of Argentina!

To access my giving page with Word of Life follow this link.

Starter Fund

Would you be willing to give a special gift to help me get to Argentina?


Do you want to be involved in some other way?

I need to raise $500 to cover the costs of the Missions training in Florida. This will take place the first week of August.

Monthly Support

Would you consider becoming part of a team of monthly supporters to further the ministry in Argentina?

My current budget is pending approval but following MIT I will have a fixed sum to raise for monthly support. Right now the estimate is around $2000 a month.

Together we can make an impact on many lives. How will you take part?

Let’s meet up!

I would love to meet with you to share more about the ministry (following CDC social distancing guidelines of course). If you or your church would like to hear more, let me know!

Thank you!

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