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I am missionary with Word of Life serving full-time with the area of Gospel Productions at Word of Life Argentina.

My testimony

I was born into a Christian family, and so I grew up in church. Voluntarily or involuntarily I was involved in all of the church activities. At a young age I already knew all of the Sunday School answers and understood the basic Gospel message, however it was not until the age of six that I remember truly making a personal decision to receive the gift of Salvation that God was offering to me. I was led through the “Sinner’s prayer” by my sister and that day I put my faith in what God says in the Bible. I became a child of God.

I continued to grow in the church, becoming involved in one way or another. I was baptized at age 8 at Berean Baptist Church in Brunswick, ME. All through my childhood my parents were involved in missions, on the missions committee at church, or inviting missionaries to the house, I became exposed to these wonderful people of God and learned of the importance of missions.

After highschool I had determined to study one year in a Bible school before moving on into a full time career. I had thought about missions and had decided that I would go to school to become an RN hoping to use that eventually as a vocational missionary in restricted countries. I decided to go to a bilingual program in Argentina with a friend from church/school and so set out on an adventure that would absolutely change my life.

Getting Involved with Word of Life

Growing up I was exposed to Word of Life through my church, I was involved with a WOL youth group in the church and as a youth group we would attend the various events. I soon learned that I had a tendency to prefer helping at these events rather than participating in them. So, I started traveling around with folks from the church to help with sports marathons and superbowl. I enjoyed serving in that capacity and looked forward to it.

As I finished high school at Lisbon Falls Christian Academy, one of my youth group leaders, who at that time was with WOL in the Dominican Republic, told my friends and I about a bilingual program at Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina. I thought that was a wonderful idea and was already looking for some program out of the country to study in. So, in September of 2013 I left for Buenos Aires, Argentina without knowing where I was going nor what was in store.


I arrived in Buenos Aires, on the 4th of September 2013 where I began the Bilingual Bible Program (BBP) at Word of Life Bible Institute. In December of 2013 I began serving in the area of Gospel Productions. As our last trimester of the BBP came around our class entered into the first year program at the Bible Institute. As a student in the Bible institute we were given the opportunity to form part of a ministry team. I chose to be part of the “Show Infantil” or the Children’s show. I remained with that ministry for the remainder of my time in Argentina.

My family December 2018
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