Training Program in Ministerial Productions

(Programa de CapacitaciĆ³n en Producciones Ministeriales)

Goals of the Program

Equiping Students

We want to unlock the God-given creativity of our students and see them use their gifts and talents for the furthering of the Gospel in Argentina and around the world and for the edification of the Body of Christ.

Our goal is for our students to leave the Bible Institute with a solid Biblical foundation and with practical tools and skills to effectively carry out the ministry that the Lord calls them to.

Expanding our Outreach

We hope that through the program a new generation of missionaries might discover their calling and that the Lord will use them to bring new life and vision to our ministry. We also want to see Art as a door into new countries and a vessel for the Gospel in new places.

Serving the Local Church

As students return to their local bodies we seek to serve the church with resources and workshops teaching and equipping them based on their needs.

Reaching the Lost

Through the years of the ministry of Word of Life in Argentina and throughout the world we have been blessed to see the Lord using the creativity of students and staff in Evangelistic productions to bring many lost souls to Himself. We hope that through this program we will see this ministry grow and see many more come to the Lord.



In the classes the students will learn from missionaries that have been prepared in their fields and have experience in using their God-given talents in ministry. They will learn the basics of diferent parts of the ministry (Music, Sound, Lighting, Staging, Wardrobe, Writing, Multimedia, etc…). They will choose one area to have deeper training in and will work with that area for one of their practical projects.

They will have classes in technical production, design and conceptualization, writing, and formation and implementation of programs. Lord willing as we grow and the program takes form we will be able to incorporate new areas.

The Lord has given us valuable contacts with different Christian creatives in Argentina, and we would love to involve new teachers and artists in the formation of our students.

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Practical Projects

The students will participate in two practical projects throughout the school year. We want the students to have hands-on practical experience applying principles leaned in classes to real situations. In their second project they will create a program for the genesis of an idea through the design, staging, and production of the program. They will learn how to budget their resources and work in a team to bring their idea to life.

We want the students to have a functional understanding of the different parts of our ministry and then know how to apply them to a variety of situations.

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… Artists and the value of beauty that they bring. Churches just need that… in our day and age I think the Gospel, if it’s not delivered beautifully is going to fall on deaf ears. We can just deliver it didactically through stale, tired old words (there’s power you know in the gospel however it’s transmitted… and God, of course, can use anything to save someone). But, in western culture right now, I think we need artists to help us beautify the message and theology, sort of reignite the imagination that brings different perspectives and understanding of the gospel as it extends to all areas of life.

Excerpt from a conversation between Ryan Lister and Brett McCracken
Program for the 2021 School year
Workshop Format

This year we are kicking of our program in a workshop format. The students will have the opportunity to participate in these workshops once a week throughout the year. In coming years we hope to extend this into a more formal class structure. As life comes back to something next to normal after COVID we will continue to work on the format of this course.

Please pray for us!

If you are interested in learning more about creativity and Christianity I would encourage you to check out some of these resources:


Images And Idols: Creativity For The Christian Life -Thomas Terry and Ryan Lister

The Heart of an Artist -Rory Noland

The Storytelling Church: Adventures in Reclaiming the Role of Story in Worship -Jeff Barker




Redesigning Cathedrals The Gospel Coalition


(Please note that these resources don’t necessarily reflect the views of Word of Life Fellowship. They are however valuable resources and great resources for opening conversation about creativity and Christian life.)

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